How to get unbanned?

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  1. Here is a question from a newbie :-( My son plays minecraft on the empire server with some of his schoolfriends. On the chat he speaks Dutch (because he's to young to speak English) this morning he comes down with a sad face saying that he can no longer play Minecraft because of him being banned apperantly. I (dad) thought i'd post a question on this forum, hoping that someone can help me out.

    The banreason on the computer says 'that's no way to talk to a mod'

    My son doesnt know what he did wrong.... Maybe its because of him talking Dutch all the time.

    Can someone give me a clue or please unban his account?

    With kind regards, Marc
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  2. Aww, I wonder what happened. Contact a mod via conversation(private message) and hopefully they can help you figure out what wet down.
  3. Moderators can't do their jobs if they don't understand the language that the players are speaking. I'm not sure what happened, but he could've possible swore in Dutch, before a moderator translated it?
  4. Follow the link Dubzy1 has posted.

    Send a message to one of us staff members by clicking our name and pressing the "start a conversation" link. Any questions regarding this ban can then be relayed to you via a private message.
Thread Status:
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