how to get out of the wasteland?

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  1. ok so i decided to go to thw wasteland to mine resources and when i type a command it says town commands can only be used in town and idk how to get out of the wasteland
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  2. You have to be in a safe zone, for example, one of the spawn points. Each one can be found exactly 2,000 blocks from the coordinates (0, 0).
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  3. You need to do /map that will help you get back to a Outpost. Than do /home
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  4. If you're in-game use the /map command. It gets you an URL pointing to the live map for your server (another option is the server overview). Make your way back to an outpost (the safe area) and then you can TP away again.
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  5. Do as others suggested, /map. Find your name on the list on the right side, click it. The map should center on you. Then use the mouse to move the map around until you find a spawn area.
  6. By the way, (0, 0) (x, z)
    is also known as the "origin" point of a Minecraft world.

    I'm not trying to correct anything wrong from the original explanation. "Origin" is an alternative to saying "0, 0". That's all.;)
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  7. What does an outpost look like on the map?
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