How to fix the InvTweaks error when attempting to sort items in player inventory or chests?

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  1. Installed InvTweaks for 1.8 to use on the server, finished customizing the options albut when I went to middle click to sort items or scroll wheel items in/out of an inventory it doesn't work and an error messege pops up in the chat. I know it's not InvTweaks since I use the same version in my modpack with no issues. Anyone know a fix/work around?
  2. EMC has a plugin that stops cheaters and it detects invTweaks sorting as fast clicking which is cheating
  3. Well that's unfortunate, don't suppose there's any way around that then
  4. Bannable? What did I say?
  5. Inv tweaks is on the approved mods list, it's not bannable.

    I use inv tweaks and it works fine for me. What is the error message?
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  6. Idfk then lol You do you, I'll do me XD
  7. Might want to check the list before you say these things :confused: Mods are generally banned if they give an unfair advantage, which this one does not.
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  8. Error 3 item could not be sorted then it lists some numbers..checking the mod wiki for what they mean
  9. Think I fixed it..apparently it didn't like that I was using a version for 1.8.9 when the instance I have for the server is just 1.8.0
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