How to find untouched blaze spawner ??

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  1. I was searching for days to find an untouched blaze spawner I walked like 3km away from the protected area. every time I find a fortress with 4 spawners were all lit up from the same guy. Just lit up no grinder made or anything. And it is hard to travel across the lava because of ghasts. And I don't know what to do now. I have searched in smp2 and smp5. It is pain to travel across the nether.

    I had all the things what the grinder needs and it is easy to build. But where is the spawner??
  2. Many of the grinders within the main nether circle shown on Livemap will have already been discovered. IMO, the best way to find an untouched one is to travel at least 5000 blocks out in the nether and then start looking. If lava is an issue, you can try making a tunnel near bedrock - just use an efficiency 2 or higher diamond pick, and the netherrack will break instantly. If you don't want to go that far out, just look at the nether livemap: you should be able to see most of the nether fortresses from there, and if they've been explored or not.
  3. Bring lot's of fire resistance potions and dirt with you. Make bridges out of the dirt and cross the lava with the fire resistance potions. Eventually you should find an untouched spawner. It should work for you. It always works for me.
  4. Ok I have 2 questions

    1- what the fortress looks in the live map and how to know it is untouched???

    2- is fire resistance potions will let me survive 20 seconds in the lava ??
  5. No, 8 minutes I believe
  6. 8 minutes!!! Is you will keep taking damage in the lava this 8 minutes?? or it will be friendly like the water:) ??
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  7. It won't hurt you
  8. lol you type funny, but just because a spawner is lit up doesent mean you cant construct a grinder around it :D im fairly positive whoever it belongs to wont mind you doing all the work
  9. I did not know this :eek:
    I would not advise that
  10. I afraid when I build a grinder on it. the guy who lit it. grief it and say to me get the **** out of here and report or something.
  11. If you look at livemap, you should be able to see lots of straight, dark lines perpendicular to each other:

    If the lines are completely dark, it probably means someone hasn't lit them up, and there's probably no construction there either. Of course, you'll have to go there yourself to know for sure, but Livemap still lets you know one is there. Not all of the nether fortresses can be found this way, but most of them can if you look hard enough.
    Note: the nether fortress in the picture is just a random one I found on livemap after about 30 seconds of searching.
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  12. He has the right to. (i think :confused:)
    He shouldn't cuss though XD
  13. i mean its not reccomended, but just laying down torches does not mean the area is untouchable, you may have to relinquish it if whoever torched it shows up tho
  14. Or he torched it to sell the spawners. (Economy :eek:
  15. Fire resist potions:
    Basically immunity to fire and lava for the duration of the potion.
  16. should probly ask a mod tbh, if you give them the coordinates they can probly see if anyone has been there in the past 30 days or so those torches can be a year old easily and just be from someone passing through. a better idea is just going further out i know like 5 near my wildbase that are all untouched but if you are set on one area a mod can assist you better then the nameless faceless masses
  17. I think if you built a grinder around a spawner someone torched, I think most people would probably thank you and ask to share with you.

    I've done that to a lot of spawners just to shut them down while I mine nearby. I've torched and waypointed a lot of spawners I'll probably never go back to. If someone's put a lot of work into the area they can have it, since they've earned it in my opinion.

    This tool can help you find whether someone has recently been nearby:
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  18. If only everyone had the clarity of mind you do on these kind of things.
  19. Helpful
  20. Nope, they would have no right to.
    The spawner would never be their property.
    Although, don't forget that hidden players aren't shown on map or the investigator.