How to find Super Turkeys :) ???????

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  1. I just want to know these few things a reply would be great:

    -Where is the best place to find them
    -How to locate them when it says Gobble Gobble
    -Best way to kill them

    Yours Alarm.
  2. -They spawn randomly
    -Look around a lot they can be everywhere
    - The turkey slicer axe!
    They do have the health of a momentum so be aware of staying there for a while :)
  3. 1) u can Find them basically anywhere

    2) idk, have a bit of a look around.

    3) use your Ham Hacker or get a really good sword WITH sharpness, and looting is recommended ( if u want a chance to get the turkey slicers they drop ), trap them in a 1x2 hole jump in and cover yourself so the turkey won't escape, then.. Hit him may take up to 5mins to kill though depending on the sword ;)

    EDIT: changed a few things.
  4. Sorry, but that is false.
  5. almost only.
    Still, look underground.
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  6. correct, i have found more turkeys above round then under ground..
  7. I'm the complete opposite...
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  8. This is from my personal experience and never fails.

    1. The best place to find them is in the nether and the end. I have found 5 times the amount in the nether and end than in the overworld.

    2. They spawn in a 100 meter radius, so look around!

    3. Trap it in a 1x2 hole and whack it with your best sword and a strength II potion. This can get kinda hard, so use these steps.
    a. Attempt to block one side off (2 blocks high), creating one side of a big cube.
    b. Make a 90 degree angle with some blocks (2 blocks high).
    c. Spam click blocks when it gets near the corner. Try to block it in.
    d. Repeat until it's trapped.
    e. Attempt to get the enclosure as small as possible.
    - The Turkey should now be running around in a 2x2 area.
    f. Then proceed to spam the right click button on a block until it's placed. This will place the block even when the Turkey is running super fast on it.
    g. Repeat and seal the hole. If you don't, it will escape!
    h. Kill it. The drops will most likely go outside the trap.
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