How to earn double voting credit?

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  1. Does the voter's bonus increase based on the number of votes per day or the time spread between votes? Does it depend on both?

    I vote twice daily, in the morning and in the evening. I thought in the past I would receive a double vote bonus by doing this, but looking through my history it seems I am credited with only one bonus per day.

    Am I doing it wrong? The description of how to achieve a double bonus is not very clear. It seems I have been voting twice per day for some time and receiving only single credit!

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  2. you would have to vote every site every day, and that includes TopG every 12 hours instead of 24.

    Essentially every vote reduces the time to your next bonus, so spam voting helps reduce the counter.
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  3. Perfect. Thanks for the quick reply.
  4. Is it like 12 hours exact, or would 15 be ok?

      minutes-boost-per-vote: 90
      hours-between-vote: 11
      quickvote-rupees: 50
        topgorg: 150
        serverpactcom: 150
        minecraftserverslist: 150
        minecraftmpcom: 150
        topgorg: 5
        serverpactcom: 5
        minecraftserverslist: 5
        minecraftmpcom: 5
    So you get a boost of 1hr30 min per vote, need to have 16 hrs between votes, so 6 votes should give you a double bonus.

    TopG has min 12 hr between votes, so 15 hr doesnt hurt.
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