How to download the Macros Mod

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  1. Step 1:

    Download LiteLoader at
    Step 1.PNG

    Step 2:

    Download the mod

    Step 3.PNG

    Step 3:

    Step 4.PNG

    Step 4:

    While it's downloading go to %appdata% and create a Mods folder
    Step 2.PNG

    Step 5:

    Move the mod_macros_0.10.02_beta2_for_1.7.2 (2).litemod (The thing you just downloaded in Step 2-3 to the Mods folder that you created in Step 4

    Step 6:

    Open Minecraft

    Step 7:
    Make sure that it's in the LiteLoader profile
    Step 7.PNG
    Step 8:
    Play Minecraft

    Congratulations! You just downloaded The Macros Mod
    Have fun spamming!
  2. If anyone saw that right after the post was made than the post is fixed.
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