how to do a proper ban appeal

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by irlylikeicedtea, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. I got banned until further notice and i need to know how to do a convencing ban appeal
  2. um... not by posting about it on the forums.
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  3. No offense, but you literally admitted to using a hacked client in town chat, when crazy was logged on. *Good Luck
  4. convincing* and, posting in the forums, getting other people to write your ban appeal FOR YOU. That will not get you un-banned, sir.
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  5. wow...... we expect more from our members... i wouldnt un-ban if it was me... you know hacked cleints arent allowed so why??
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  6. i want help because iv never had to do a ban appeal before
  7. you shouldnt have too... if you wouldnt act up you wouldnt be in this mess in the first place.
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  8. Well, I was banned for a month from EMC. Best thing to do is contact the moderator whom banned u via personal convorsation on this website. Tell them that you r sorry for what u have done, that you won't do it again, and, in your case, remove the mods u got banned for and let them know u removed it and will never reinstall it again. Posting on public forums will noT help just contact the moderator who banned you directly.
  9. 1. Sorry for all the rude comments boozle.
    2. You really should think about it before doing things.
    3. You should've read the guide the FIRST minute you signed onto EMC.
    4. Theirs no chance you can get unbanned now, you admitted to be using a HACK CLIENT.
    5. If you read the guide in the first place, you wouldn't be banned.
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  10. First off, G' luck mate. Second, contact the Moderator who banned you. Explain what was done.
  11. How do you find the moderator?
  12. Just start a conversation with any staff member (except Justin), preferably who are online at the time, and check the box that allows participants to invite other people.
  13. Before you appeal, read the rules here;

    To appeal to the mod, click this;

    If you do not get a reply within a day or so, try one of these;

    Be patient. Give them time to respond.

    Explain why you did whatever you did, and why it won't happen again.

    Don't discuss it on the forum.

    Best of luck.


    Comment to other people reading this thread: Don't discuss the ban here. It's up to mods, not us. We do not know the full details of the ban/reasons, therefore it's not appropriate to give any advice, other than what I've said above.

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  14. how does someone admit to having a hacked client?
  15. I like how this was bumped from a week ago... Lol,

    nfell2009- I am sure it went something like this
    "Yeah, I got all of those diamonds by using this cool program to hack Minecraft"

    I am not actually aware of what happened in this situation; but it would take some skill to admit it in town chat
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  16. take lots XD
  17. I've seen at least a couple of people announce that they've made a sand generator in town-chat. A lot of people are very very stupid indeed.
  18. they create something from nothing and abuse a glitch that wasn't meant to be done such as how cobble gen's are a feature also running them can cause the server to lag depending on how fast it is producing the sand
  19. You certainly should report them.

    Sand generators are prohibited because of two major reasons:

    1. Unlike cobblestone generators, sand generators produce floating entities, not blocks, and it creates thousands of them at a time resulting in huge amounts of server lag
    2. Generating sand uses a glitch which effectively creates sand from nothing, whereas cobblestone generators use a natural process to create the block, meaning generating sand it simply unfair
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