How to Create Rupees with the Wild.

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  1. How to Make Rupees with the Wild

    Hello everyone! I know some of you have been scarce on rupees, so I decided to share how to create rupees using the wild. I did it for about a 10 days. It worked, but it takes a little bit of time and effort.

    Wild For me, I spend a lot of time in the wild. I find a far out place from an outpost. I usually go to the south outpost. I love it the most. Never use the wild spawn, the one you arrive at when you do the /wild command. The reason being is everyone uses the main spawn, its easy to use, but thats about it. Using the outpost of your choice, pull up the live map, and search for a desert. It should be about 3,000 blocks away from your outpost. This reduces your chance of getting griefed. Deserts have more valuable ores, but you mainly want iron and coal.

    Iron and Coal As said before, you should look for iron and coal. In about 10 days, I got about a chest full of coal. I wasn't so lucky with iron, though. I got about 3-4 stacks. But I wasn't really looking for it. Whenever I saw it, I mined it, but with coal, I hunted for it. Deserts also has a lot of caverns. It is very easy to find coal and iron. Especially coal. I use the texturepack called "Dokocraft-High and Dry". It is easy to find ores, and coal is like no other. Basicly, stone surrounds a black lump. But I'm not going to ruin the texturepack for you.

    Store and Advertising After about 15 days, head back to town. Use an ender chest to transport all of your items back to town. Assuming you have a bed, you should put everything-all of you valuables-in your ender chest. It stores everything and can be used from resident to resident. Also from town to wild, wild to nether, nether to end! Every world on a server lets you use an ender chest. With your about two chest full of coal and what not, you should start advertising. I wouldn't use your own shop, unless you have buisness everyday, and people remeber you and your resident number. If you are like me, you would ask someone, like a supporter of Gold or Diamond if you could have a part of the shop, or supply them with coal, iron, cobblestone if they absolutley need it, or, if you are lucky, gold, emeralds, and diamonds! You should shoot for having a part of their shop, and make sure to include you are "renting" it. If you ask for a part of their shop, like "Hey, can I put a shop in your shop?" what are the chances of them accepting it? Do something like "Hey, if I can rent part of your shop, I can advertise your shop on different servers," or something like that. They are most likely to say yes if you have some sort of bond with them. I probably wont have an accemptance if I ask you for a "rent" in your shop, am I right?

    Selling This part is where the expertise comes in. You have to know what the prices are for your server. For smp9, 32 coal sells for about 16 rupees. I know that the servers have different prices, the more supporters you have, the more rupees you will lose. But don't waste your money having your shop on a different server. The vault is really just a waste of your money. If I were you though, I would move to smp9 or smp1. They have the most supporters out of Empire Minecraft (utopia is an exception, but don't go there to sell your items). 16 rupees for half a stack is about as low as I would go, but you probably know your server better than I do. The cheeper your coal, iron, and what not, the more buisness you will have. Make sure to say "[your shop's resident number] has [your resource] for cheap!" when people say "who sells this, who sells that?"

    Hope this helps you,

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  2. Besides the large text and few spelling errors, this is a great guide for new comers. Nice job. :)
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