How to be krysyyjane9191

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  1. Aw, losing it at step 1 already :(
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  2. 16.1 - crash the server on a weekly basis :p
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  3. That's part of the protocol, if you haven't noticed already ;)
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  4. She missed a step: leak the staff IRC password.
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  5. Step 1: Be a girl
    Step 2: be a texan
    Step 3: be named krysyyjane
    Step 4: have a guy that convinces you to play minecraft
    Step 5: get addidted
    Step 6: apply for mod
    Step 7: get mod
    Step 8: work butt off
    Step 9: become one without butt

    I dont have it anymore, there are the MOST inportant steps!