How the wilderness looks like hell

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  1. ~First time going to the wild~
    Ahhh going to the wild isn't as bad as other servers.......
    whats with all the tnt explosions?
    It looks like a ghast was here
    and theres so much mines that aren't used/mob spawners
    And the best of all greifed houses......
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  2. That's because most people just plain destroy (one would almost say grief) the area right around the 'spawn-area'.
    If you would go further into the wild (300-500 blocks away, depending on the server), you will find areas which are untouched, or are only slightly mined.
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  3. It's a never-ending problem.

    Where EMC makes more of an effort than most servers, is in the Reset areas designated on the Live Maps around the Spawns as a Yellow box. This area is intended for periodic reset, meaning fresh lands.

    However as mentioned, go further out and it's all fairly unspoilt country, yours to do with as you please.
  4. There will be a discussion soon regarding the complete resetting of the wilderness worlds on each server, once 1.2 update has been implemented. This will clean it up completely if it goes ahead, and even if it doesn't I'm sure it will be partially reset around the spawn areas to clean it up a bit.
  5. people also use tnt outside in the wild to just try it. most are not diamond supporters so that is where they can do it. sadly it makes the wild look sad.
  6. most people also mine for something like sand and sandstone and dont want the stone so they just ignore it and leave it there...result is a giant pit of jagged stone
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  7. That is incorrect. No-one can use TNT apart from Diamond Supporters.
  8. Well there was an exploit recently that I brought to Justin's attention (though he knew already) that allowed non diamond members to use it in the wild (but not town since you cant set -tnt without diamond). but he has fixed that.
  9. I agree about wild, looks terrible but I've got a big castle project on smp1 in the wilderness, I would'nt like to see that getting reset :( But reseting 500 blocks around spawn area I think is a very good idea
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  10. i would HATE if the wild was reset me and my friend just created a village that took around 24 hours to build and i havent told me friend it may be erased cause he will be depressed

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  11. Justin said he will be starting a poll to vote about the wild being reset after he gets through the updating process...

    Then all opinions shall be heard ;)
  12. i no i have read that post like 5 times lol:)
  13. That
  14. Can I be unbanned?
    I used x-ray but found nothin'
  15. Dude, u got banned i believe, so stop posting "Insults" to our server
  16. k i'll be waiting and waiting till i'm nearly dead o_-
  17. Im not really part of "The City" And know nothing about it, but, wouldnt it be reset? :O