How strange are Villager mechanics?

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  1. Let's think about something here.

    All villagers look the same. They all look male. Yet they can have babies.

    In order to get them to have babies I can throw potatoes at them and that gets them in the mood for love.

    It's strange. C'mon. When I eat potatoes I get bloated and all I want to do is watch netflix and sleep. These must be some amazing energy-providing potatoes Minecraft has made.
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  2. The gestation period is 2 seconds.
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  3. good point, shortest gestation period of any species known in the universe by far!
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  4. And what is their obsession with emeralds anyway?

    They are not to be trusted, that's for sure. I know this villager who knows this other villager who has a cousin who knows a neighbor who just ate one of those potatoes and saw this villager travel through their town who heard of that other villager who has seen this villager who's really into h4x:

    Pretty cool dude, I try to keep him away from Aikar best as I can because I'm having way too much fun with him ;)
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  5. TIL that all villagers have a potato fetish. ._.
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  6. Where is he. i want to meet him ;)
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  7. Unfortunately I had to dismiss him. Thing is; ever since I posted this I get the feeling that the staff are all over me. Conspiracies I tell you!

    If I can't have him, no one can, mwua ha ha!
  8. i am crying now. boo hoo.
  9. where is that area anyway
  10. Well, the troll answer is -244, 56, 195 "somewhere". The serious answer is: a singleplayer map where I keep a large collection of redstone & command block experiments. Some stuff is copied from Youtube and/or posts on forums, but most of it is self made.

    • Give yourself a commandblock: /give @p command_block
    • Paste this code into it:
      • Code:
        summon Villager ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName: "Villager #19",Profession:6,Career:1,CareerLevel:6,Offers:{Recipes:[{buy:{id:263,Count:1},sell:{id:388,Count:4}},{buy:{id:137,Count:1},sell:{id:276,Count:1}},{buy:{id:24,Count:1},sell:{id:137,Count:1}},{buy:{id:276,Count:1},sell:{id:24,Count:1}},{buy:{id:388,Count:1},sell:{id:384,Count:8}}]}}
    • Add a button and click it (or place a redstone block next to the commandblock).
    Villager #19 has a few trades: 4 emeralds for one coal, one diamond sword for one command block, one command block for a block of sandstone, one block of sandstone for a diamond sword (see what I did there?) and finally 8 XP bottles for one emerald.
  11. ok so its no on EMC:(
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  12. Luckily you have a very specific piece of well crafted metal to keep staff away ;)
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