How rich are you really?

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  1. I will never have enough diamonds. Or maybe is it that diamonds will never be enough for me. Probably the latter.

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  2. Auction: Plain diamond suit
    Starting bid: 88,188,750,000 rupees. (THATS 0,98 RUPEES OFF)
    End of Auction: 2041 on Valve Time.
    Pick-up: That Blockhole....ehh, Blackhole over there!
  3. You can figure out what rupees are worth in US dollars by going to the money-rupee donator bar thing. 60,000 rupees is worth $100 donated to the server. That means that if the world's richest man was trapped Tron style in his computer and he wanted to translate his money into rupees, he would have enough money to buy 828000000000 diamonds. That is enough to fill up over 102,222 lots with diamond blocks from bedrock to skylimit.
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  4. Just go to show how ridiculous it is for people to be that rich.
  5. I wish I was a son of a rich person :(

    (Oh wait... we all do)
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  6. I don't judge my wealth on EMC completely in rupees, I decide more on raw materials that I own.
  7. I don't. I like how much money i have. If i was rich, it would possibly make me greedy and cold hearted
  8. If I were to translate my rupees to USD, I would have $150
  9. i have a little over $1,000 worth of rupees.
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  10. :O Wow...
  11. man, if only i could trad that in.. i'd get all my bills paid. :D
  12. I have 50k rupees... but don't know if that will help the US.... ;)
  13. How did you get all that money?
  14. well, when i first started EMC about a year ago, i made a little shop where i sold everything you could find in a trip to the wild, i had a giant farm with everything that was allowed in town and that covered my whole res, with the shop on the corner that sold almost everything.

    after i was here for a few months i stopped doing that, and just kept it all in chests, when i saw someone ask for something in chat, i spoke up, saying i had those items, i also sold a lot that way as well.

    then i started building things for people since i'm good at designing and decorating, most of my rupees have come from the construction business i started.

    all that, plus, i really hate spending it, i like saving money/rupees, not buying things, spending it on things also helps a lot. :D
  15. I have $300 worth of rupees
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  16. i have about $155 in rupees
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  17. If we use this translation.
    The time it hit me was when it was determined I could sell a dragon egg for 2 million rupees. That comes out to 3333.33 dollars per dragon egg - and I have (we have) two.

    If we use the 500 dollars = 900,000 rupees translation, its 1111.11 $ per egg.

    Most games have really insane amounts of money like that though, once you play a while. Diablo 3 gear lets you outright see how much people are willing to pay.
  18. But it does give you a bonus the more rupees you buy, so its not entirely accurate.
  19. Good point so he would have a lot more rupees than I originally thought :confused:
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