How rare is this zombie virus?

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  1. A price estimate would be fun but not required. I am just wondering, have any of you seen this before:

    It sorta just hit me when a friend and me were trying to irl a bit (long story). As you can see I got plenty of regular zombie virusses but this one...

    I can even top it on the coolness level:

    More colored text!

    So what do you guys think? Small treasure pot or a fluke? ;)
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  2. Isn't this made when you place the zombie virus in a brewing stand like you would with a bottle and just brew it with something? :p
  3. I honestly have no idea. BUT.. If it is then I do wonder how much b... (zombie viruses!) I have been drinking ir... In-game :p

    One way to find out, got plenty to burn!
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  4. No, it is not.. in order to minimize rupee losses at the hands of too much b... zombie viruses I tried with sugar. Sweet & innocent and speedy too:

    Look; a new promo in the making!

    However, we cannot change the laws of EMC physics.. If you try this then, well:

    ... it has no effect on the awesomeness scale. So the above is genuine, not something we can cook up.

    oooh, I see the prices rising already 8)
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  5. Hmm. I believe jewel_king made one by brewing, at least that's what he told me haha. Not sure now though. D:
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  6. Yup, you can indeed pop them in a brewing stand, and brew with them.
    They lose all their 'zombie virus' effects, and replace with what potion you brew instead. They just keep the name.

    Back in the day, I had added gunpowder to a few, to try and make them splashable so I could splash *ahem* myself with it :rolleyes:.

    **EDIT** Try this, pop em in a brew stand, and make any typical potion. (AKA you forgot the netherwart....)
  7. Still, how does that explain the colored name (2nd potion) in the effect? I don't think you can pull that one off with cooking something up yourself....

    then again; I will be the first to admit that I can (and probably am) overlooking the obvious at the time of writing.

    Edit: ... rename a potion with color codes, brew it with zombie virus and ... wham!

    then again; the last attempt failed, so it might be that stuff changed in the mean time, which could just as well make this trick impossible from here on.

    Edit2: But if this does seems to be the effect of a glitch then I shall have none of it and remove this from the game myself (and a little help) ;)
  8. See above :cool:
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  9. I need a drink... oh gee whiz, and I know just the thing! :)

    Thanks Lance!
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