how rare are mega taiga and mesa biomes

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  1. I have literally (just counted) traveled over 25,000 blocks on horseback + running in the over-world searching for these two biomes and they are no where to be found, any ideas of how rare they are or how to find them,

    yes I am very far away from spawn and the terrain I'm searching is being generated in 1.7
  2. check the minimap on the site

    found a mesa biome easly that way.
  3. I have been thats how i tracked my block count and how Ive been able to find my way home,

    Thank You though
  4. I guess I got lucky, my first trip out into new chunks I found a mesa biome. :D
  5. u must have,

    i tried a new single player world in creative and could not find any mesas or mega taigas

    i have traveled 40,000 blocks on emc now looking for those two biomes
  6. Update

    Just found a mega taiga, its freaking huge

    that is after exploring like 40-50K blocks all i have left to find is a mesa so i can make a multi base settlement that goes across almost every single biome in the game
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  7. I believe the smp3 wasteland south west spawn is in a mega taiga. ;)
  8. thanks dude, i just found one though

    that mesa though

    found a tip online stating look around similar tempurtured biomes, bout to go check near all the deserts I've found
  9. SMP2 North East has a Mesa, and taiga. ;) (They're not big, and probably scavenged, but theirs still a lot of acacai trees and clay blocks left. :)
  10. Thank You for the tip ill check it out