How "oldschool" graphics worked

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  1. This brings back so many good memories. And although it has been a long time for me and I didn't do much graphics coding (back in the day I was more involved with, uhm, "removing" some "security features" from "certain games" so that they may or may not have been copyable as well as some sound programming) but I've been using it long & more enough to say that he's right :)

    Another hip thing to do, especially when you'd program a demo to spread (to raise your crew's popularity and awareness) was to actually use the video memory to hold parts of your program, so not letting useful memory go to waste. This clearly shows in some demo's where the program starts with dumping a lot of weird characters on your screen, and sometimes even showing movement or characters changing. That wasn't random garbage which most people thought: it was actually part of the program.

    Nice find!