How noobish are you?

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What did you get?

10-40 51 vote(s) 89.5%
40-70 3 vote(s) 5.3%
70-100 3 vote(s) 5.3%
  1. Hey all, Just wanted to show you guys the minecraft noob test!
    The test gives you questions to answer. Once submitted, you'll get a score with your own banner.
    Here's mine:

    Achievement version:

    Go take the noob test now and see how noobish you are!
    Feel free to post your scores below. Have fun!
    Some questions may not be updated and some may not include the right answers. It's mainly for fun.
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  2. Erg.. Haven't played in-game in around 5 months..
    I'm 22% noob :oops:

    The correct answer is 1536?
  3. 31% and havent played in like 2 years
    Noy bad :p

  4. I was trying to get 100%, not sure it's possible though lol.

  5. that should be nub
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  6. I got 19 % guys
  7. theres a different test for everyone, I didn't even have that question...
  8. Leo I Swear to god I'm not lying I got 19 %
  9. I am 21%

    I got much lower than I expected.
  10. I got 9% Noob? The Questions Were Easy As?
  11. Some of the questions are outdated :confused: Other than old questions, I feel I did pretty well
  12. I got nub to play this and he got: