How much would you pay for these horses?

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  1. These are speed horses, but the jumps are almost always 70.

    If you are a buyer, how much would you pay? If you are a breeder, how much would/do you sell (sell is defined as actually being able to make a sale) these for?

    Looking for prices on:
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  2. 125%, basing that on my limited statistical observation that 1 out of 5 horses I have eggified have had a speed over 115.
  3. I am looking for prices.:)
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  4. Wow anything above 115%
    I would buy for 300
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  5. I've been in the horse business for quite a while now, and most of my prices are based on what I find reasonable, the rarity of the speed, and what other successful horse shops recommended. My prices for 120-125 aren't really certain at the moment, as I mostly focus on selling 125-130+.
    120% - 70r
    121% - 100r
    122% - 110r
    123% - 200r
    124% - 500r
    125% - 700r (Some sell up to 1.5k though for a 125) I price these quite cheap compared to other places, since I have a lot of left overs from trying to breed 130+s, although it depends on how many you have and if you want to get rid of them, etc.
    126% - 1100r
    127% - 2000r
    128% - 4000r - 128+ is where they begin to increase in price the most.
    129% - 9000r
    If you'd like, I can price 130+s too :)

    EDIT: However, many prices depend on the buyer, as it depends on what they consider "fast", as there are some people who think 120 is extremely fast, but I'd say anything above 130 is fast (Although I've been breeding for a long time, so my standards are pretty high)
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  6. Thanks for the info. :p

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