How much longer can we hold ICC back...

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  1. Before he detonates one of these on the empire....

    I shouldn't be giving ideas. But aikar better have him chained up.
  2. Bu- but Aikar will destroy the economy.......
  3. it would be a lagg bomb more than enything
  4. Well im sure we don't want a 1000 X 1000 hole in the ground :p well I guess someone needs to chain aikar up then, not me :)
  5. Detonate it, I dare ya :p
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  6. I would like my computer to live. If you want I'll give you guys the download link so you can destroy your computers (thats 3 100x100x100 spheres of solid TNT)
  7. IcecreamCow already detonated a whole Utopia property made entirely of TNT. It was the most horrible time I had on EMC.
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  8. Does anyone actually remember the video with ICC and when he blew up the reses in Utopia? Good times.
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  9. I saw that on youtube. Imagine one of those spheres in a res, won't fit but bye bye EMC.
  10. whats the link to Icc blowing up a res? i have to see dis
  11. The TNT house? Idk someone sent me it in and older thread

    It's called "look what icecreamcow did" on youtube.
  12. Theres a post by the Empire Minecast about TNT testing, which showed ICC's obsession with TNT for the first time.
  13. nvm i found it xD
  14. Alright then, send it to me :)
  15. I will send it to you first thing tomorrow morning. I'll also leave a lever of pride and a grave yard for your computer. :D
  16. Quick question, how much TNT would you need to crash the server?
  17. I think we should tie up all staff and bring them in for questioning, just to be safe.
  18. Did you only see the video?
    I was actually there to see it. My game was incredibly laggy at that time.