How much does stacked cake go for?

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  1. I was wandering the wasteland and found stacked cake,and was wondering if its worth anything.All answers are more than helpful. :) 2015-02-23_11.41.11.png
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  2. I guess almost nothing, I placed mine lol
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  3. Isn't cake stackable?
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  4. Nope :'(
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  5. Huh. I guess it's a 1.8 thing or something, because cake stacks for me.
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  6. Stacked cake was part of the Thanksgiving event. It was found in feast chests, and is considered an event item. Not sure how much they're worth, but they're worth quite a lot.
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  7. Nope. It's not supposed to stack in the pc edition.
  8. If you have the stacked cake from the feast chests, rumor has it that you can combine the stacks together to get larger stacks of cake.

    I however have not found out how to stack cake I have made myself, that did not come from the 'feast' chest cakes.

    How or what are you doing to stack the cake Evesthery?
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  9. I treat the cake like any other stackable block. I don't know if it's a glitch or something, but in a locked chest of mine at the Carthaga outpost on SMP4, I have 2 cakes in one chest slot. Simple as that.
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  10. i have a full stack of cake so 64 in one slot :3 is that worth anything?
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  11. Sounds like its worth diabetes after you eat that much cake!

    I have never seen cake stacks sold. Been wondering this myself.
    Couldn't imagine they would be worth too real much as its not really useful, and cant easily be sold.
    But loads of fun? Heck yes for sure!
  12. I can't imagine the price being too much higher than normal cake. Sure, it may be a bit higher because it is a little different, but it's nothing overly special :p
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  13. Well, I'll buy a stack of 63 cakes for 3k! ;)
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  14. do you mean 64? :p
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  15. Nope. 1 is lost per stack transfer.
  16. I'll buy it for 5k.
    (I already got 11 in a stack I think..)
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  17. Not if you shift click
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