How many supporters are there, not counting Staff?

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  1. Question in title.
  2. There was already a thread on this and they say its hard to determine a accurate number at a given time since the number can fluctuate up or down depending who donates and stops donating every day
  3. People have asked this before and never gotten an answer.
  4. Fine, approximately how many people support at any given time?
  5. Only people that can really give a accurate amount to how many supporters are in EMC are admins and maybe staff but like southpark said it changes daily
  6. I'd say more than half of the empire's live population.
  7. Start sampling the servers at different times of the day each day of the week. Pop on to each one and record the total number of players and note the supporters.

    The advantage to this over just getting numbers from the Staff would be that you'll get a lot of the ones that are active whereas Staff may only give you the number who are paying for Supportership regardless of when or if they play. If you are using these numbers as a basis for the economic formula you've been experimenting with, I think you'll want the active ones anyway.
  8. Go into the residence list for each server, and count up the first res of each colored, nonstaff name. Thats probably the best way to figure it out, and probably the only way to get a rough estimate:)
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  9. I want it for my EMC Wiki application :)
  10. but with that, you would be counting a bunch of people with more than one res... anywhere from counting one person 2-4 times more lol
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  11. Thats why i included this part:)
  12. hmmmmm hmmmmm, i failed at seeing that. lmfao
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  13. Remember to behave... Us wiki admins can ban you if you do one thing wrong :p I'm also a dev for jack's surprise project.. :p
  14. lava walls :)
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  19. OVER 9000!

    Had to. :)
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