how many rupees

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  1. would I have to pay for you to let me design a PVP arena?
  2. You can suggest a PVP arena design, you cannot make one yourself thought.
  3. well, i want to design and build one of the arenas. they gotta change em out eventually. just putting my hat in the ring and offering up rupees to do it.
  4. It is very unlikely that you can pay for a new arena. I suggest making one yourself, showing them for an idea for a new arena and see if it gets accepted.
  5. don't try and squash my dream yo

    haters gonna hate. i'm building an arena and my rupees will be taken.
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  6. I'll take your rupees if you really want to pay somebody.
  7. A better thing to do would have been to put a thread in the Suggestion Box that said "New PvP Arena Designs", or something along that line. You aren't able to pay to have a new arena made normally.
  8. i'm not going to pay to have a new PVP arena made.

    i'm going to pay so that *I* can build a new PVP arena.

    and again, don't squash my dream. i'm telling santa claus about my dream this year!
  9. You could try and get on the build team(assuming it still exists) then bug them to let you build one. Cost: 0 Rupees
  10. make it, do a world download, take screenshots and submit it
  11. Um Empire Minecraft owns the PVP Arena, so I'm pretty sure they don't need your rupees.
  12. 10/10 thought this thread was going to be a discussion on how many rupees are in circulation lol
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