How many rupees would I have to pay....

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  1. to get an admin to come on my res and do a single WorldEdit command on my res for me? =P

    I need the //fixlava command run so the lava will level off... I can't get it all lava with just buckets lol
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  2. This is not an option at this point and time. If you need some tips on how to get it all level out, I would be glad to throw some at you
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  3. as chickeneer said the admins have not made this an option. If they did it would most likely cost real money beacuse they can generate there own rupees
  4. lay down a layer of dirt right below the top layer, place lava over the whole thing, remove dirt.
  5. The top layer is the only important one... I am going to throw a screenshot together real quick
  6. yeah i'm trying to just cover the top layer... problem is it's the majority of my 60x60 square. i know i gotta dump a bucket on each individual square, it's just hard because i lose my spot when i have to keep going back and forth to the nether since lava buckets aren't stackable.

    hey, i had to try and ask the admin if they would do it lol
  7. Ok, here is a foolproof way - I feel sorry if you have already used a bunch of lava on this - but this will get it PERFECT!

    First off, Create lines all of the way across the area (in the top layer) with 2 spaces in-between each row.

    Ok, at this point - you are going to fill up all of the lava (obviously except the places you you have the dirt rows. note: you will be losing all of this dirt to lava.

    After you fill all that you can. You will start on a row, This screenshot shows what it looks like right after I destroyed one of the dirt blocks. You will place Lava right where you took that dirt from. Pay attention because you can't go back later and fix it without running a row of dirt over there again - and cover your tracks...

    I hope this makes sense - this is the most efficient way I have found. This also works well for Water when it is more than 1 block deep

    Edit: Pay no attention to the background :p
  8. heh yeah i've already put a bunch of lava down but i can do that when i start working on it again to help out
  9. Well, depending on how far you are already... you only need to build these dirt rows through where it hasn't leveled out. So just send one right through a section that is really bad
  10. you could always change the texture of source lava to something drastically different from the flowing lava. so its easy to differentiate. like, make it blue or something
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  11. like making a texture pack?
  12. Yes, but no. Just edit a texture pack. I have never done it - but I don't think it is to hard. Just Google search it
  13. Lava wont auto-level like water though, so unfortunately using the source-block method wont flatten it out. It would require every block to have a bucket of lava on it sorry.
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  14. I've used the //lavafix command before, or whatever it is.. may be /lavafix. If for some reason that didn't work then I could still use the /set command coupled with //pos and fill in the lava.

    Normally I don't like using Worldedit because it takes the fun out of building the majority of the time... but when doing huge redundant projects like this I kinda miss it lol
  15. keep in mind worldedit isnt part of vanilla minecraft, even though the server may have it, i think only justin and jeremy would have access to it, and neither would use it for anything but creating a new server/resetting lots.
  16. Jeremy may have access to it - I don't think he uses it. They use Creative mode to fix most of things
  17. creative mode would work, unlimited lava!!!
  18. Unlimited lava? Nether = practically unlimited. there is SO MUCH!

    Pro Tip: [for everyone] Save money - use lava buckets to smelt in funaces. More economical. oops just shared helpful information - I might ruin the EMC economy.
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  19. why use lava when ive got a double chest of coal right next to my furnace?
  20. don't gather coal at all :p