How many beacons/skulls do you have?

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  1. 2013-02-16_08.21.14.png
    54 skulls

    27 beacons

    So, how many beacons/skulls do you all have? /hoax i don't ahve that many skulls and beacons.. LOL YOU FELL FOR IT!
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  2. 4 beacons. That't it. You have to show off? :p
  3. 1 skull and 2 beacons.
  4. 4 beacons and a couple of heads
    Also, Would you be willing to donate 4 beacons to me? :D
  5. You're a total noob! I have 0! You will never have as many as me! :D
  6. Only 1 skull.
    Hah, i got that skull by only killing two Wither skeletons for da first time! Without looting 3!
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  7. one beacon :D but i are only two weeks old on empire :p
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  8. I have 1 beacon, I don't see the point in having so many? I used to have 2 but sold one.
  9. The only skull i got is in me head...
  10. ive never even fought a wither :( the concept scares me and i dont like wearing more then leather armor (maybe some iron boots) so i would probly die anyways
  11. I have 0 skulls and 0 beacons :(.
  12. But if I had 3 skeleton skulls I would make a wither right away (I am prepared for one).
  13. I have zero (0) beacons and the one (1) skull in my body. ;)
  14. :)
    31 beacons, 1 skull. Would be more, but for the past month, I have been working on a wither skeleton farm. If I had not been working on this, I would have at least another 10 beacons. And I got all of them myself.
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  16. Lolz... Anyway, I have more than I'd like to talk about ;)
  17. Nice one pig
  18. I have two beacons.
  19. I have 2 beacons and a skull in my head but my brother says there's nothing in there ^_^
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  20. How many do you truly have?