How Many Alerts Have You Had?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by nfell2009, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Spammmmmmmmmerrrrrrrrrr. Jk haha
  2. :rolleyes:
  3. About 25 is my highest. Though I may have had higher. I just don't remember. And I like how you have facebook open.
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  4. I had 23 alerts and 3 inbox things one time :)
  5. i had 75 alerts and 16 inboxes, boii that dragon egg can do wonders
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  6. Do you still have an egg?
  7. yeh, but its still being kept contained, stupidly -_-
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  8. Meh I've only had 12 alerts at one time . I'm a bit of a quiet guy aye
  9. My highest was 7 or more. (today, lawl) I always check them when i've got some :p
    My highest Inbox was like 25 :cool:
  10. this 75 was in a time of like 12 hours
  11. My highest was 3. And i've never got an PM :p
  12. Highest alerts was 22 or 24 and highest PM's was 26
  13. Where the pms people like me? Trying to buy your shop...
  14. Nah, voting contest haha :)
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  15. I have had 113 alerts.
  16. You remind me of someone but I just cant put my finger on it...
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  17. tomvanwijnen? haha
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  18. Not him, doesn't sound right. I just cant get the name!!
  19. nfell2009?