How long can you go with out your phone? for charity

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  1. So i found this today

    It's a challenge you do on your phone, by not using your phone. Every ten min, you go with out using your phone provides 1 day of clean drinking water for children/people in need.

    Now I truely hope it is real. As Unicef is a trusted charity and would hold up their end of the deal.

    Sadly this is not available for my phone and have emailed them about this because I would to take the challenge

    So now I ask you to take part, visit the site and go the the url on you moblie device and follow it from there.

    Cheers to some fresh drinking water for people with out it!

    Please post if you accepted the challenge or not.

    I have seen the community come together and do great things for people so lets do it again.
  2. Deathtomb forced me to read this... I would, I dont use my phone that much, I hardly make calls, I mostly get the calls. I dont message or iMessage that much but I constantly need to be available for my job ;-)
  3. I'll give it a shot:)
  4. I'm currently doing it on my phone :D
  5. Hmmm also do not work on my phone :/
  6. I think I win this, I don't own a phone! :D
  7. Oh boy... this dun work for my phone doh... butt I can go without my phone for days :D
  8. After trying this 3 times, sadly i think its a sham, as soon as my phone idles out, the countdown ends.
  9. Went without my phone for 4 months once... its tough
  10. Challenge accepted, I only use my phone for calls and EMC.
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  12. I'll give it a shot
  13. I'm doin it! It will give sooo much water while I am at school!
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  14. I have some stupid Nokia, rarely use it.
  15. I have seen this a few places but I am concerned at HOW they know what's up with your phone... Not sure I am liking the idea of it being Tracked.... -_-
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  16. 1 hour 20 minutes put into my time!!!
  17. It uses the 6 axis in most newer phones that orients your direction in navigation apps. You have to keep your phone on a static plane, but if it goes dark to conserve power like mine does, your time ends when it does.
  18. Ah yes, we're doing this at school ^^ it sounds great if it is legit