How is mah new GFX? :) First attempt at true 3D

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Cypher_Rahl, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. How is mah new GFX? :) First attempt at true 3D. How'd I'd do?
  2. Looks good cypher, what did you use to create it if you mind the asking?
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  3. Yes, I do mind. I am personally offended by your obnoxious questioning. xD JK! Heh!

    Cinema 4D and Photoshop CS5
  4. Amazing.
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  5. Wow man this is amazing!
    Do you think you could pleas make me one? :D
    Saying "Spy"
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  6. I would LOVE you if you made me a cool sig. With a cool wolf pic in it would be nice.:)
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  7. See, the thing is- this takes a loooong time and a bit of talent. I can't just mass these things for everyone... Plus it's art- I'd only to give something like this to someone who is a constantly on the forums and would like a stand-out signature. Also, I'd need an additional incentive to toil away for an hour+.
  8. I am CONSTANTLY on the forums. and I DO want to stand out. Why do you think I use blue text?
    Edit: As for incentive, I'd be rude if I didn't give you something wouldn't I?:)
  9. Because blue is smexy
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  10. What was that last part?
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  11. Well, what do you want good sir?
  12. I constantly post on the forums. :D
  13. Well your choice but a tomato signature would be nice :D
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  14. I.....I.... TRY NOT TO STAND OUT.
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  15. That's the thing IDK. :p
  16. ME TO!
  17. I'm happy to give you whatever I can afford as long as the sig is as amazing as all the others I see you do.:D
    Also, I can't believe I misspelled good. Spelled it "go." lawlz.
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  18. You didn't. I missquoted somehow... :eek:

    First, it would be to your satisfaction, because I don't take on work for someone with a 100% guarentee.

    Second, IDK. Make me an offer. LOLz. This was just a critique thread. I didn't think people would be asking for me to make one for them, so I don't really know what to ask for.
  19. I could give you a wunbreaking III Eff II for my signature....

    If you can Make it have bunches of piggehs.
  20. Honest all you need do is ask. Diamond? Got it. Glowstone? I'll get it. Rupees? Got those. Enchanted things? Pssh, I know a guy.