How I Treat Little Kids

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  1. Hey don't blame me it was Tommy's fault
  2. What did Frank ever do to you?
  3. She opened my candy.
  4. Me: Uhm hey I have a problem
    911 Operator: What is the problem?
    Me: Uhm some Croissant guy is abusing a child
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  5. It's a new day care I set up in my Mom's room. It's only 2$ a month. I take very good care of your child. He only comes home with a smile on his face because I stapled his mouth like that :]. It's not child abuse. Its Child Care abuse.
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  6. I lol'd so hard when i read that...
  7. I just thought that the fact that you had to fish the doll out of the toilet was funny :p
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  8. Oh no. It's still in there. Forever
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  9. 911 Operator: We have an officer on their way
    Me: Might need to hurry up... with a LOT more officers... and maybe SWAT teams...
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  10. WHY DO I ALWAYS CLICK THESE!? I will never learn. ._.
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  11. Because. They are so stupid, and you want in on the action. So you watch it. And are scared foreverrrrrrrr.
    Me: Oh hail no
    SWAT: Sir put yo hands in the air
    Me: And wave dem like you don't care
    *Lots of gunshots*
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  13. :]
  14. Wow.
    Oh well.
  15. In surprised that this made me laugh XD
  16. This deserves another bump.. everyone deserves to see abuse. Wow, steady on there Fendinator. comedy, at least, that is what I think it is? o-0
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  17. I have been working on How to Lay an egg and make it know calculus atm so I didnt have time to bump :p Thanks
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