How I get so much XP

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  1. wrong :D
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  2. I've watched the YouTube grinders, but as the mobs in EC don't drop Exp unless you've killed them (from what I've seen) the way I'm doing it works very well and took about five minutes to set up. I get a level every minute and a half, roughly.

  3. I spend most of my time at smp4, can i visit? :D
  4. I was trying to find out how to make a xp grinder but I found out how, thanks everyone for your help
  5. That's not very efficient at all! :p
    You shouldn't have broken that third spawner you had over there, this area had extreme potential :(
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  6. I've been playing around with it and trying lots of different ways to get the mobs to come to my sharp pointy stick quicker and I've settled on a new way of doing it. I did have them pushed up by water into a 2x2 area that I stabbed them through, but I was out of the line of sight of them spawning so they wouldn't come to me.

    I've also got water ducts to pull them into me, but I think this new way I'm developing is much better.
  7. are you against bedrock? because if you have them drop enough blocks you only have to hit them one time. This works best for me, i have a tiny little cave spider spawner, but they spawn really fast, and, they do not have to drop far to receive the right amount of damage. I did not see any mention in your setup about a drop. Im just saying this helps out the quickness of it.
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  8. So, you mean dig a drop, stand in distance of the spawners, then let them get pushed into it by the water? I read the Wiki and it says 24 blocks is the drop height required to get them to half heart.

    I take it once I've done that I then just run downstairs and punch them all to death?
  9. The better idea is to send them up and then down via signs and water so the mobs are continuously spawning. :)
  10. someone want to show their mob grinder to me IG? :DD
  11. i will come make one of the most efficent xp farms for you. pm me the co-ordinates. no payment required so long as i can also use it.

  12. i have like 1150 now XD
  13. I wish I had one :p Though I've found 3 different spawners so maybe i'll start... Not sure.
  14. Do you still want help. pm me the coordinates in a convo if you do

  15. just remember that you have to within 16 blocks to the spawner to let it spawn mobs
  16. it does work.
    I've built 3 of them already on EMC