How I get so much XP

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  1. People keep asking and wondering so yes I have an XP grinder. Its a very good one. No I wont tell you where it is. If Justin or a senior mod wants to come see they can.

    You can make one too - find a spawner (or more) and look up on youtube how to make them.

    Thats all!
  2. im creating a spawner right now, i already have access to 1 dungeon and multiple tools for a large, dark room :)
  3. So you wouldn't let Jeremy see it?
  4. yes he can see it - you know what I meant :p
  5. XD, i have posted on so many threads, i believe this would be my 600'th post, you like? XD
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  6. :p
    Can I visit? :D
  7. i am jealous....
  8. Id prefer somone who didnt spend so much time on SMP3 ;D
  9. My doublespawner is on SMP4... I need a new bow. :(
  10. is it just a regular mod grinder? I have a double one on utopia that does about, 31 levels in 2 1/2 hours. not sure if thats good or bad but for me i get bored fast lol
  11. I don't want to be ground up. :(
  12. The mob farm I mentioned in another post is giving me about ten zombies every thirty seconds or so from two spawners. There were three, but I destroyed one as it wasn't adding anything to the party.

    Some good use of water ensures they float right to my killing gallery and that the exp and loot floats out under the wall to me.

    Easy pickings!
  13. Bahahaha LMAO!
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  14. Anyone willing to teach me how to build a xp grinder i have the use of a skeleton spawner

    P.S. i am willing to pay for the info if you help build it
  15. There's no real trick to it.

    If you have the spawn room, dig out a narrow corridor next to it that the mob will be able to walk down.

    In front of this corridor, clear out a room for you to stand in.

    Once that's done, dig above the mob spawner and dump some water in from the room so that it flows down the corridor.

    This will push mobs towards you just incase any aren't interested in being stabbed up.

    Then dig one tile deep below the wall where the water stops and build a single block channel coming into your room, the safe area. This will cause any loot or exp dropped by the mobs behind the wall to drift towards you so you can collect it safely.

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  16. Thanks but i meant how to get the xp for enchanting
  17. Keep killing the mobs that spawn.... Or am I missing something here?
  18. the people keep getting lots of xp, fast, i am trying to find out how
  19. Does sound kinda vicious to me too, I wonder how many he has put through before us?
  20. To answer your question: I'm pretty sure those who get XP "fast" are spending hours and hours just killing monsters. It only seems fast to you because you're not seeing how much time they're putting into it.
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