How has EMC changed your view on Mc servers or staff in general?

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  1. (Other wise known as Alice's wimpy confessions)

    Back when I started gaming on Roblox, I was completely terrified of anyone with any authority. Including any staff or creators of popular games.... In Roblox, meeting a creator or a staff member is an honour and is usually treated as an award. When ever a creator joined a game, I immediately left. I don't know why I did it, I just did. I've been in many 'war groups' on Roblox in my 3 years, and I've attended many trainings. In order to be ranked up, you have to talk to the leader in game during a training. Which I never did, out of fear... The leaders of these groups are well known for being fearless and hostile, which stopped me many times... Even now, I've never got a rank up in any group apart from my own... The people with power on Roblox rule more with fear then respect, and I hate that.

    When I first joined this server, I was still pretty hesitant around the staff. One of the first times I went on SMP4 Chickeneer was there, having a chat with everyone. This actually shocked me. I'd never seen anything like this before... A staff member talking, and for the first time in my gaming life I didn't see a single "Can you ban" or "Can I have" it was just friendly conversation. Thanks for that first impression Chicken :p
    I think the first drawing I ever posted here was one of Sassy Smooch. Which even then I hesitated slightly. I was actually in the middle of a job digging dirt for someone when I heard and saw fireworks... Which scared the hell out of me. I looked down a previously dug hole to see iSmooch spamming fancy fireworks for me. I wasn't as scared as I was before of staff, but this was still pretty flustered by the whole situation. This escalated into having a firework party involving 3 staff on my res, and having Smooch move behind my res...
    Safe to say, the whole thing bumped the fear out of my brain. I enjoy talking to the staff here now, like everyone else. It's like they're just players like the rest of us. And with the staff applications we have, they really are just normal players like the rest of us.

    EDIT: Just remembered the 12 DCs of snowballs I also got bought by a certain staff member.... You know who you are, and you have no idea how long it takes me to move them when ever I change my res around...

    On to the servers....
    I've been on several Minecraft servers, but this is by far the best I've been on. Any other, servers have grifers and/or abusive staff. Not to mention the hackers and the constant bad language... But here, it seems... controlled somehow. Like everyone respects each other and we're all treated equal. And I love this server for that...

    Oh yay wall of text, just look how much I can go on when I really want to... I know there isn't much for the servers, but what more is there to say?
    Someone tell me I'm not the only person who had this problem... -.-
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  2. there's a reason why we have the best staff ever, silly alice :rolleyes:
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  3. There's a reason we prize our staff so much, I've also seen a lot more staff active on the server.
    You know when you have awesome staff when they give you some of their items because of their generosity. Thanks Joe. :D
  4. mmm
    One time, I was building some sheep farms, and a sudden chicken appeared out of nowhere. After about 5 minutes of that chicken chasing me around, I realized it had to be someone that was disguised, and to this day, I've never found out who person was...
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  5. weeeeeeeell, it was probably The Chicken
  6. Oh god
    I swear I just realized that after reading this
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  7. Back when I first found out about multiplayer on Minecraft, the first server I found was a widely popular faction server. SILVERMAN2 and I started our own faction that we called the Warlords, and absolutely everybody hated us.

    When I came to EMC, I was greeted by the friendliest community I'd ever seen. Before joining EMC, I didn't see a single nice person on Minecraft, including the staff members on other servers.
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  8. I've only ever played on 3 Minecraft servers. The 2nd had no staff presence, the 3rd is EMC, and the 1st was the biggest contrast. I had just switched from singleplayer so it was a whole new experience and I didn't really know what to expect. The staff were always changing around / resetting the server with no explanation, I was always ignored whenever I needed any help, and at one point I was banned for absolutely no reason and it took me weeks to convince anyone that I'd literally just been standing there. So I too have a great appreciation for how fun and involved our staff is. I remember one time I was just outside of the smp7 main wild spawn when out of nowhere Dwight dropped out of the sky, died from fall damage, and exploded into at least 20 iron helmets right next to me. I still have no idea where he came from.
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  9. Glad I could give a positive first impression. I do enjoy playing the game and talking with other players - most of the time I am busy with school and real life, and I don't get a chance to play like I would like to.
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  10. HA!
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  11. I swear I will find you and throw every single one of those snowballs at you -.-
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  12. I will help you!
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  13. she throws those snowballs at us all the time -_- *grabs the gun*
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  14. back when i first joined, it had been the first server i ever joined.
    for the time before February 2nd 2012 i hadn't played a multiplayer game.. always by myself.. i happened to get curious and browse the minecraft sites and picked this place.
    instantly fell in love.
    i claimed a res on smp3, where i built my house and a HUGE farm to sell at this little shop i made.. man i treated it like my job.. i had to farm all that stuff.. i had to! i don't understand looking back at it now why in the world i felt so driven to farm that stuff so eagerly lol i had even made a German flag hang over my house. ^_^

    a week into joining i became iron, 2 weeks after that i went to gold.. and like 2 weeks after that i went to diamond. pff, there was no waiting a month between sending payments. i needed that. lmao. anyway.
    i spend the next year and a half with constant diamond.
    i have supported almost the entire time i've been here, except for recently i've hit some financial problems that haven't allowing me to.
    (thank you to the people in the last 3-4 months who've gifted me some love) <3

    back when April 1st 2012 happened, and Justin and Jeremy told me that mobs were allowed in town, back when i couldn't deal with mobs at all... i was so freaking out xD and then it quickly turned into fun..

    anyway, i quickly made friends, i made a ton of wool art, houses. pretty sure my obsession to batman came quickly to people. my first legit minecraft skin was a batman. =3
    - the impression that EMC gave me was the most amazing thing, people to talk to, extremely awesome people.. conversation, a well structured res system that to this day.. i freaking love.
    the neat and perfect chat.. every other server i've ever visited had sloppy crappy chat with symbols and extra crap i hate. lol
    if EMC has aver done anything its make my expectations for other servers way way way way way too high.. because no other server fits what i want, no other server does what i want it to do. except this place.
    been trying hard the past 2 years, i don't think i'll ever be able to leave it. EMC has become my every day/all day addiction. i love the friends i've made.
    /end soppy rant about how EMC is beautiful. :D

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  15. I'd like to say that playing on EMC servers has balanced my perspective of servers in general. I am a staff member on another server, and I strongly believe that being a staff member does not revolve around wielding that ban-hammer. Staff members ensure that the community and the server do not crumble, and sometimes this role can be very taxing. Though staff members may seem intimidating at first, once they reveal their "true nature", their presence may even feel comforting.

    Being a regular member on EMC, I have seen the other side of the card, and I actually enjoy it just as much as I do holding a position of authority. The community is obviously quite large, and there is always someone to converse with. Minecraft is also a fantastic medium through which you can strengthen relationships in the real world. I can't tell you how many laughs I've had and will continue to have with my friends here.

    Sorry for such a short writing, but to conclude, I'd say that Minecraft has helped me become a better person. Being a staff member has given me confidence that I can say "No" to someone with no regard for the repercussions. Being a regular member has taught me to find ways to enjoy and make the most of what is given to you, even if it isn't as exciting and rewarding as you had hoped.
  16. Before joining EMC, i played in HG all the time in random servers. And also played with my friends of school in a private server. Then sonicol1 told me about a server where all the people was friendly, also the staff.
    So in 2012 I joined EMC. Lived in the wild zone for 3 months, repairing and fighting grifers with my friend Tarka_The_Otter.
    In 2013,I started talking to people in town, and met 8 awesome friends(highlancer54, Flamin_Pickle, BROOKEY1131, Dead_On_Justice, MJHNNYBRO, lameidl, calvono, hisack55). And in 2014 I met my another Latino Americano called facu12301, also my new friend. And that is all I got till now :D.
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  17. Loooooooong ago in 2012 after months of robloxing with my friend (ostrichrider or on MC Tree_Thor) told me about *Rainbow comes out of hands.* MineCraft! So I joined the server he was on, Everyone instantly gifted me diamonds and armor etc. I liked it there! But one fatal day I was walking out of the mob arena and all of a sudden I am banned! "Kicked by server: Using hacked client!" And everyone knows I don't hack! So I start hunting for a new server.... Blah blah blah griefers PVP factions servers BLAH! But then I found EMC! And I was greeted by tons of people! I knew it was the perfect server from day 1... I got a residence and started building my mansion which came to be a hotel ran by my friend and me later on. After about 10 days I learned to make cobble generators and farms. And also that day I got diamond supporter! I made MANY new friends over the months. Not to brag but I can't include a list because that would double the size of this post. I got my 2nd 3rd and 4th residence. And the 1st was a mansion obviously, The 2nd is a shop, The 3rd is a factory, And the 4th is the base of the G.S.U. (Ghast. Slayers. United.). And that folks, Is how the lam came to be! Currently the 1st res is now Ghast Tower. 2nd is the SS LAMchop, The 3rd is a mansion in progress on utopia, And the 4th is still the G.S.U. base!
  18. I have not met a lot of staff in any game, but when I did they are always very kind.
  19. Wanted to post this yesterday, but then the website went down. :(
    Haha, when I first started out on EMC I was almost exactly like you.

    The first minecraft server I joined was a small server a friend invited me to. There were about 10-15 players, mostly engineering / computer science students and all guys, so they kept making fun of me dying, losing my stuff all the time, not knowing any redstone, and only trying to make pretty things. :p It was constantly being reset, switched to tekkit, back to vanilla etc, until one day it never came back. >.<

    Then I tried a commercial server. It was cool, people didn't grief a lot and we lived in something similar to LLO. But one day I logged on and the admins had poured lava streams from the sky all over the town and were still busy wrecking the place, 'having fun' because the server was going to be shut down soon anyways.

    After those two servers I went through the list on TopG, looking for something that said non-pvp, grief free and professional staff, so I ended up here. :D (I tried a pvp server as well, but it resulted in me running and hiding underground lol). The first weeks I only spent time with the regular players, mostly avoiding supporters and staff. One time I decided to be social and, living on smp5, I visited a mob arena event. Now I know I completely misinterpreted the event, but at the time it reminded me so much of griefing and I saw the players and staff going back and forth against each other in chat, people getting kicked/banned, it kind of scared me. Smp5 was normally so peaceful. >.< After that I was definitely avoiding staff lol.

    I played some more, then took a break for a couple of months. When I came back I started posting on the forums, holding the EMC drawing contest and getting more involved. When smp5 won Krysyy's head contest, jtc was having a party on his res to celebrate. I was surprised to see Torian showing up at the party, thinking "A mod? Partying amongst us? >.>". I thought maybe he was going to check up on the party. So I went up to him and threw a fish on the ground to see how he would respond. (I remembered him saying something about wanting raw fish in town chat earlier.) Torian turned to me, picked up the fish and said "Party fish! :D", so after that we partied lots and jtc blew up half his res. :p
    Hanging out with Torian and Dwight on smp5 later made me feel more comfortable about staff. In the beginning I was still a bit suspicious though if a staff member from another server came over. And we all know how the story with Torian ended. :p

    So yeah, I came here only looking for a safe place free from griefing and bullying and such, but it turned it to be that and *even more*. :) At first I didn't really care about the shop system, mob arena etc until I got to know everything better, and even now I still see them as bonuses on top of the awesome community, grief free town and amazing staff. I think EMC far surpassed any expectations I had of minecraft servers and the staff on them. :p
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