How fast is your connection?

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  1. I know a lot of people updated MC and can't play online, so lets have some fun! I was curious to how fast everyone's internet is. To test and share:
    • Goto
    • Click on the big "BEGIN TEST" button.
    • When the test has finished click the "SHARE THIS RESULT" button.
    • Next click on the "Forum" tab above the little code box.
    • Copy the code and paste it as a post on here.
    (you may need to refresh this thread to see the image show up correctly after posting)
  2. This is NOT my connection, I am still at the hospital and this is the speed I get:

    Haha slower than 95% of US!!
  3. I am not proud of my score, and must wallow in shame.

  4. Faster than 53% of germany! Not the best connection, but it's more than enough I guess :D
  5. I am ashamed to report, but this is the reality of where I live. Kind of a miracle I can even get access to the internet at all where I am really.

  6. You're lucky your baby made it out alive Justin. With internet like that, their technology must be stone age! Everyone knows internet is #1 priority no matter what, anywhere!

    lol jk of course
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  7. WOW you can play MC online with that much latency (ping) ?
  8. So if that's stone age, I'm sitting pretty at Hadean Age.. :p
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  9. It runs pretty well actually, I just need to avoid areas with lots of other people or animal farms. My own chicken factory is a frustrating place for me to be... i run all the way to one side and then the lag catches up and puts me right back where I was!

    But in the wild I have pretty much no issues at all.

    For your info Justin, I can't play nearly as smoothly on any other server. I assume that has something to do with how streamlined you have made the Empire. As well as the cap on number of people per server. So, thank you for that!
  10. Looks like I need to switch to Comcast from Century Link... I can get cable and 16M internet at the same price as I pay for this....
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  11. i think mine is pretty average

    edit: fios at my old place was like tripple this lol.
  12. You live in Peru? Is that La Paz in Bolivia?

  13. .... jelly?
  14. Thats your nearest testing server?! 650 miles away? that is crazy!
  15. what an epic fail ^ lol
  16. Skilled_Creeper, your link... its broken.

  17. Ping is a little high. Other servers got a 17ms ping

  18. This is my speed in my room far away from the router does that make a difference?