How EMC is treating the 1.3.1 update

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  1. I think that some people did not know this, so I'll say it now. Emeralds are ALOT harder to find than diamonds. In the fact that they are only found in groups of 1 and are only found in extreme hills biome. Depending on how the world generates, they could be impossible. Yet, some people say, "oh, I sell em for 20-25, they're useless." Not at all true. I don't want anybody commenting on the actual percentage, but there's about a 1-5% that a villager priest ( purple testificate ) will trade 5 emeralds for a silk touch pick. So, I'd gladly take those cheap emeralds off of your hands while you still don't realize how valuable they are. Another thing, ( I haven't exactly been updated to the fullest of EMC news, so don't spam saying [THEY DID THAT ALREADY BLAH BLAH BLAH] it's annoying. ) I do think it would be a very good idea to reset the wild again, because:
    1. sandstone villages
    2. jungle temples
    3. pyramids
    4. of course, emeralds
    5. cocoa beans growing on jungle trees
    There is also a glitch ( and again, don't quote me on this ) with the ender chests, allowing you to open them in other people's res'. but, since it does tailor to you, it doesn't matter much.
    Other than that, EMC is handling it pretty well, I can't wait to see all of the new structures people will feel compelled to build now with top or bottom slabs, and different color slabs etc.
    I hope to see them soon!
  2. Nup, that isn't a glitch with the enderchests. You're supposed to do that as nobody has the same inventory in an ender chest, meaning you will only see your items in the enderchest. Also, there will not be a wild reset. You can walk out 10 mins on a different SMP (not your home server) and get some new land generated and hunt for your sandstone villages and temples there.

    And the reasons why emeralds are cheap is because some villagers trade them for low amounts of paper and wheat and other common stuff.
  3. I just travel farther out. Some extreme hills biomes were already found on smp 1. My friend Myeno was openly giving the coords out last I knew. You can trade wheat/coal/paper and such for emeralds from the Villagers, by the way. That is why they're being sold so cheaply, haha.
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  4. Emeralds are rare in the Wild, but you can get Emeralds by trading with the Villagers for common items like wheat and paper.

    So if you were to say Emerald Ore is rare, then I agree... but Emeralds are not so rare, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if someone has a double chest already.
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  5. 1 thing: is this a post against EMC or for EMC ? i got confused :confused:
  6. oh and I've found 5 Extreme Hills biomes on Utopia as well as one Desert Temple, the Extreme Hills biome aren't any rarer then any other biome I don't think.

    haven't found a Jungle Temple yet though :/
  7. No wild reset. If it did. What would happen to LLO?
  8. Sadly the only people who care for Wild outposts are the members of them.
  9. Paradise Point would be gone also :( And so would the future Diamond Miners smp2 outpost :(
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  10. Nuh uh! I care about the wild, but im not part of any community:)
  11. Top and bottom slabs? If you mean placing slabs upside down on the bottom of another block, this existed in 1.2.5 also.
  12. You're one of the rare ones. Every time there's the subject of Wild Resets everyone in the Wild Outposts gives valid reasons while all the townies just shout "Well you should have known it would reset, that's what you get for stupidly building in the wild. That's why we have town." Every time I read that reply I wanted them to hug a creeper xD. I can't stand towns after being in the Wild. Too much spam and begging and whatnot in town.
  13. do you really think I meant to get rid of them? No! I meant, reset, maybe, 2,000 metres from spawn. That way, you guys and the people who mine this kind of stuff for a living, can be happy. Also, I do realize that you can get emeralds by means of paper and coal etc, but I haven't seemed to find any sandstone or regular villages? unless you'd be willing to spend the money to get them.
  14. Well, when you look at the live maps the space between the red and yellow squares is supposed to be periodically reset but it hasn't in a while. Most of the time when people say reset the Wild they don't specify and then a huge war is started.

  15. What about the periodically reset areas? Gawsh, that plugin needs to be fixed.

    Also at the red line in your sig:

    Because some of us are jerks, some of us have swag..But real men are the ones that have class. And swim in lava.
  16. I do like a good lava swim now and then.
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  17. I would be the best man ever. I swim in lava almost daily.

    ...Wait a second..
  18. Now I feel the urge to build a town in the wild.
  19. same :p
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  20. How is 1.3 treating me? Well start off with some lag add some more lag then bake your lag into a cake and then finally sprinkle lag on top of your lag cake.