How EMC can rejuvenate the wild with a little work and a little effort.

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  1. EMC as a whole seems to be slowing down so I thought I might as well pitch in one idea to how to bring some life to part of it. Right now there isn't much of a reason to join the wild unless you want to be part of a preexisting community, as it seems it's getting harder for new ones to really establish themselves in the community, so my idea is that there could be wild-only items. These could be stuff like special tools that you can only find in dungeons or abandoned mineshafts. They could have special enchantments and would not be available from other sources. This would provide some incentive for people to go out and explore the wild with friends or by themselves.
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  2. *Looks at dragon stone fragments...*
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  3. An item that provides a very limited use and is not sought after by a majority of the people.
  4. Dragon stone fragments do just about nothing...
  5. Yes but they're so purty!
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  6. I remember when they were first released that players flooded the wild to obtain them. My point is that it was an idea to get players to the wild and exploring and it worked. I don't know how we could implement hidden tools without resetting the world. It might be better to focus on adding mob drops.
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