How does your room look like? Post a pic of your room!

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  1. Hey!
    I just got the idea to create a thread where you can post photos of your room. (Or the place where you spend most hours a day)

    Here is my room:
    HNI_0021.JPG HNI_0022.JPG HNI_0023.JPG HNI_0024.JPG HNI_0019.JPG HNI_0020.JPG
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  2. Mine is a sea of dirty shirts.
  3. I don't have a room! :(
  4. How's that?
  5. I moved from one house into my grandma's house and now I sleep on a futon in a living room.
    So technically it's not a room or at least not my personal room. :p
  6. Oh :D
  7. I don't really have a "room" either, unless you count my living room... and it's not really anything to look at anyway. :p
  8. I live in a garden so I don't really have a room either.
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  9. Hippie :p jk
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  10. Hehe Nice BobtheTomato!
  11. My room is a sea of dirty clothing, a desk with hours worth of Lucozade & Mountain Dew bottles, chocolate wrappers, my Turtle Beaches, paper, and a bin that is overflowing.

    I'll post a pic tomorrow.
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  12. My room is full of clothes baskets and dirty clothes and pop cans.
  13. I also forgot I occasionally take breaks from my desk, get the dirty clothes into a pillow formation, and take a nap on it all. I have my reasons for 10 minute naps on the floor...

    I am tired all the time, especially after school, and then I like to code something for fun of it, and this makes me even more tired :p
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  14. Thats kind of odd and relatable at the same time.......
  15. Let me save alot of you the trouble.

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  16. Yeah my desk got heaps of NBA stuff and Ipad and lots of home work and pencils and books and then there is the computer! Don't have a pic! Ill try and post 1!
  17. Anyone has a room? :D
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  18. I'll have to clean my room up in order to do this :rolleyes: I'll get back to you on that.
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  19. Lol, ok