How does this look?

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  1. For the mall I'm making, I want to have a 1.8 items section for when it comes out. I whipped up a little tp area to the future floor in CSP, and would like feedback. Thanks! :)
    (Ignore the crafting table in the bottom right)
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  2. Wow, that looks great! Nice use of the 1.8 blocks, banners and stands :)
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  3. Looks great! I can't wait for the Armour Stands! lol :)
  4. Yeah, good work! It looks nice!
  5. looks amazing but 1 problem that crafting table.. I mean its just so weird without another one on the other side xD
  6. The doors are bothering me, since everything else is symmetrical
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  7. Thanks for pointing that out. I will never unsee ;-;
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  8. Wow, are those banners for real? :eek: Very cool. Did you find those out yourself? Or did you find them on reddit or imgur or something?
    While it looks great, I don't really see the use of an 1.8 section.
    I think you should just put them with the other items in their appropiate sections. I mean, it won't be that long until we get players that don't even know what got added in 1.8.
  9. Did you see the note below the picture?
    Imgur. Want the links?
    The section will actually be the section for items added in the latest version. When 1.9 comes around, it will be the 1.9 section, and so on.
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  10. oh im blind XD
  11. This looks cool. I am going to love these banners when they come out as long as they aren't very laggy.

    My word of advice for your display is that either have everything un-symmetrical or have everything symmetrical. It throws off the look to have one random thing different while most lines up.
  12. I think the general design and layout is nice, however it seems a little large on the top, and wide with the fences. I haven't seen the rest of the mall so it's hard to say but overall it looks nice, great job!
  13. The rest of the mall is at 1234, but keep in mind that only the lobby is done.
  14. I actually like the "symmetrical - not symmetrical" thingy :p
  15. respect +1