How does that work?

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  1. How excactly does that work? I mean, you visit a webpage and that will have effect in a minecraft server
  2. I reffered someone here yet I got no rupees.....
  3. Possibility it could be IP based. The IP of the person is stored in a database somewhere and checked when they join the server.
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  4. Best way to do it will probably still be actually typing in the name of the recruiter when signing up for the forums
  5. ?
  6. I mean that option :)
  7. Eh, currently not accurate. We can track the # of referrals but that part currently is not automatically creditting rupees as I need to re-engineer the process some more.

    Eventually the ingame typing of names will be removed and itll credit as soon as user joins the server.

    We have an extensive marketing platform I developed that once a user clicks into the EMC website from anywhere on the internet, we tag that IP address as coming from there, and then once they join the game server, it marks that click as converted and we can then see what places send us the most players who actually join , and then how many actually stay long term.

    I have a blog article written on it here:
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  8. Maybe you could edit that page, because it's now saying that you earn the rupees when someone joins after clicking, and that's not true (yet). ;)
  9. Contributors can only edit pages on the Wiki, and even then editing of important stuff is limited. Nothing we can do here; that's an Aikar fix. :p
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  10. I edited the post :)