How do you organise your inventory?

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  1. Hi guys.

    This is just out of curiosity more than anything. This is how I have my inventory set up. With all the tools in quick access along with food, torches and bow. With other materials and other essentials above:

    Just interested how others have theirs set up. Post a screenshot below :)
  2. Organization? What's that?
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  3. When in the wild (bottom left to right): Sword, Pick, Axe, Shovel, Bow, 2 empty spots then food & torches with an arrow in top left corner. :D
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  4. It depends on what i have.
  5. When mining I usually have from left to right:
    Sword, Pickaxe, Torches, silk touch pickaxe, food, either axe or shovel, water bucket, enderchest, empty
  6. This is my town inventory. :)
    The first 3 diamond tools are my voter's tools, that used pickaxe is a Silk Touch one, and the shears are Silk Touch too.

    EDIT: yes, I always keep it this empty, so I can easily move around DCs of items. :)
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  7. We need to have a word Tom... :p
  8. About what? :p