How do supporters work?

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  1. I want to know how supporters work. If you are not able to pay for the supporter thing anymore what do you keep. Please let me know down bellow because I might support EMC but I need to know the specifications.

    I would love help as soon as I can! :)

  2. You get to keep most things after you have a supporter rank. You keep all your residences, vault pages, tp locations and res messages as long as you don't reset them. The only things you lose are things like global chat and access to utopia waste/frontier.
  3. ok thx

    so if you change your res tag it will say your not a supporter?
  4. You keep all of your res tags too, you will only lose them if you delete them
  5. what about your res message join and leave?

  6. Yes, you keep your res messages too.
  7. ok thx alot!:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)
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  8. Supporters work very efficiently i hear :p
  9. for example if you upgrade from a gold to a diamond, will it delete all of your stuff?
  10. There's a wiki page on this? I wish I knew about that 6 months ago :p
  11. For resses, you keep them as long as you do NOT unclaim them or go derelict.
    Basically, you go 'over the limit' however as nobody wants you to lose your hard work, you do not lose your resses.
    So, say you go diamond... then you can have a total of four resses. Claim three more resses (pick carefully). Go back to being a free player again. You still have all four resses, even when you are free. You are over the limit, but you do not lose the resses. Just whatever you do, do NOT unclaim one. If you do unclaim one, then you will only have three resses and cannot claim another, unless you are diamond again.
    Hope that makes sense.

    For res messages, when you go back to a 'free' player, the custom messages are still shown, but you just lose your ability to change them. Same with res locations.

    One thing that you do not retain, is extra stable slots. Again, if your stable slots are full, it will not delete your horses, but once you take them out, you cannot put more back until you are below the 'allowed' number.

    You also lose the ability to get into the Utopia wastes and wilderness.

    Hmm, not a ton more comes to mind right away... if you think of anything more after going thru the wiki, just ask!
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  12. ok one last question so if I bought diamond then bought iron will my plots be took away and will I be able to change things in my plot like my messages
  13. You will keep the plots and the messages that you made but you won't be able to change the message (only to default) and if you unclaim the res then you won't be able to replace it unless you get diamond again :) Read up on that wiki page that you were given :p
  14. Your plots will not be removed unless you go derelict, which as an iron supporter you would not.

    You will not have access to change your residence messages to anything except default as an iron supporter.
  15. ok thx I'm looking forward to getting diamond on both of my accounts
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