How do I use my tokens??????

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by mepete, Sep 12, 2014.

  1. I have over 300 tokens and I want to get cool stuff buttttttttttt I don't know where to get the cool stuff. help me!!!!
  2. Sadly you currently cannot spend your Tokens. You'll just have to wait like all of us and save them for the future :)
  3. ugh but future is too far away lol

    hey what server is ur residense on?
  4. SMP7 and my 4th is on Utopia :)
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  5. Although you currently cannot spend tokens, keep collecting them as in the future you will be glad you have them! (The more the merrier I say).
    So, keep killing enraged, group mining/killing (group of three or more in 'close' proximity) and voting, to keep earning those tokens! :)
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  6. Lance is always one of the best people to go to in my opinion if you want advice on Tokens. As far as I'm aware (I hope he doesn't mind me saying) he has a lot :p
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  7. Yeah, tokens cannot be used, but you will need a LOT more than 300 if you want anything big...
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  8. I can't wait to use tokens. I currently have 13,055.