"How Do I" - Requests for Help!

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  1. Hello everyone!

    One thing is clear - the Empire is complex! New players need a lot of help.

    One thing we are looking to do is react to chat messages and display help information automatically when a user asks a question in chat.

    So what we need from you is examples of messages you've seen players ask, in the exact format like: "what is the vault" or "what can I use the vault for" or "how do I put a horse in the stable"

    So please respond with example questions (Don't worry about answers)! Then when we can get this system in place, we will populate it with the data and hopefully help new players out a lot :)

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  2. also, I'm aiming to make this managed in Square, and then once the system is in place, undefined help questions would automatically enter a queue for Staff to then write responses for too, so it will grow over time :)
  3. How do I get to the wild/waste?
    This is one I see sometimes. It baffles me that they don't already learn this.

    How do I give permissions on my res?
    Haven't seen this one as much, but it could be helpful.

    That's all I got for now.
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  4. The most frequent one I see relates to permissions

    "How do I give someone permission to build on my res"?

    EDIT - Ninja'd by Kman122000 :D
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  5. Awesome! Can't wait to see this in action.
    Lately many have been giving links to the wiki, however seems like 'new' players are reluctant to click on external links.
    I for one try to spend time with new players that are open to take some help.
    Then again, some of the new players tend to not trust other players because of them being the 'new kid on the block'.

    However most get past that fear cause they see me helping other players and having fun in general.

    Most of the time however, they are unaware of features that are available to them.
    Lance always lends a helping hand if they show some willingness on their part.
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  6. How do I let someone build on my res?
    How do I grow a horse?
    How do I get to my home?
    Where is (player name)? (Maybe a link to the /p command)
    Where do I get stuff?
    How do I get money?
    Are you an Admin?
    Who is an Admin on this server?
    How do I switch servers?
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  7. Can I join someone's town?
    Where do I build?
    How do I add my friend to my plot?
    How do I get dollars?
    How do I sell stuff?
    Is the owner/admin online?
    Why are you stalking me?
    How can I get [player] off my residence?
    (Will add more when I think of more)
  8. I'll pretty often see the opposite of the ones listed above (how do I give permissions) as "How do I protect a chest on my res?" from those unclear on how their residence is protected to start with.

    I don't have a big list besides that one like the others, sorry :p
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  9. ..Empire Siri :eek:
  10. Can someone please give me (unreasonable amount) rupees?plssss I NEED IT! (maybe add an auto response like "got to the waste and get materials then sell them to other players")
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  11. Should it scare me that people ask you that? :p

    I've seen the following questions a lot/recently:
    Are you staff?
    Why is your name green?
    How do I get to the mob arena?
    How do I give my friend build?
  12. The thing that bothers me is that if you help any1 they don't/rarely say Thank you! :(
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  13. Dont have time to read the other responses but;

    How do i give %USERNAME% build?
    How do i claim a residence
    How do i get home
    Do i have a res/plot
  14. I don't live in town but one I saw regularly is, Where are malls? or How do I get to malls?
  15. I always used to rage my butt off when people would be all like "Visit my mall at xxxxx it's almost finished!" and then you go there and it's a wooden platform with signs spammed everywhere and nothing setup. But I guess that's just life and people will always be like that :p
  16. How do I add someone
    How can I break stuff
    How can I build
    What are flags
    What do I do
    Where do I go
    How do I get home
    How do I report someone
    How do I report
    How can I buy things?
    How can I sell things?
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  17. 1) Can I use the vault in the wilderness/nether etc.?
    2) If I get killed in the wilderness how long does my armour etc. remain available to recollect?
    3 ) How do I/Can I claim territory in the wilderness/nether etc.?
    4) Can I teleport in the wilderness/nether etc.?

    Not sure if any of these are relevant but....:rolleyes:
  18. Where is Parkour?
    Can I play Parkour?
    Why can't I find Parkour?
    Is there teleport?
    How do I teleport to my friend?
    Do I buy supporter with real money?
    Is too many items allowed?
    Is there factions?
    Can I join someone's town?
    Is this stuff on my plot mine?
    Who here is a mod?
    How do I build a flag? It says I need to build flag first.
  19. How do I get a res?
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  20. How do I start a group?
    If I forceclaim a residence, will I get what is on it?
    How/where do I get promos?
    What is a [insert promo/emc item here]?

    -I will edit this post as soon as I have more questions :) -