How do I get an Event to the Front Page?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by AlexHallon, May 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys!
    AlexHallon, with a small question.
    How do i get my Hunger Games-Event to the Front Page?
    Can anyone tell me how I get this thread: there.
    I would love if someone could help me get it there today since the "Deadline" to apply for this Event is 18:00 GMT tomorrow.
    So, anyone knows how I can get this to the Front page?
  2. I believe the admins and moderators choose.
  3. I contacted IceCreamCow on his Profile, hopefully he'll check it out :)
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  4. Maybe you should have done that right away?
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  5. Seems to only happen to useful threads and very popular events.
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  6. I did it right away when I saw Darryshan's post, just forgot to post it here :p
  7. I think my Event is popular enough :)
  8. Only 4 pages in over a month. I wouldn't call that popular.
  9. It's currently at 12 pages <.<
  10. It has to be well organized. It has to be something well received. If you already have people for it post the results/video of it. Just talk to amadai. Amadai is the Events Coordinator.
  11. Check again. It's only 4 pages and the last post was by you over a week ago.
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  12. That has been out for like 40 days and has gone nowhere. Also that Red text is unbearable.
  13. :O Did you just read my mind! :)

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  14. You start a contest. ;)
  15. Yeahhhh, that's only 4 pages, not ten... Lol
  16. Which event are you talking about, Alex? The Hunger Game Event or The Hunger Games Event Preparation?
  17. Sorry, I was thinking about the "Preparation Thread", not the "official" one, alot of sorrys from me :(
  18. True is that ;)
  19. Sure... <.<