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  1. The 1st Annual Hunger Games

    A long, long, time ago there was a flat world, populated by animals.
    One day, some humans arrived.
    Their leader's was named JustinGuy and GamekribJeremy.
    J & J had infinite God-Like power's in their bodies, and use their power's to build a small town.
    Each of the humans got a 60x60 Plot where they could build anything they wished to.
    Time passed, the human's built more, J & J's power's got stronger and more humans arrived.
    The cirt got expanded, further and further, until there was 15.000 Plot's in it.
    J & J used their power's to create 9 more world's.
    The world's got the names smp1, smp2, smp3, smp4, smp5, smp6, smp7, smp8, smp9 and Utopia.
    J & J also invented a Economy system, that they choosed to call Rupees.
    This is what we today call EmpireMineCraft, EMC.
    In the Empire, there were differents kinds of people.
    Some people built Shop's and some built Houses or Villages.
    A few year's later, a person that goes by the name AlexHallon was born.
    He wanted to test wich player's had the best Survival-Skill's and wich player's had the best Fighting-Skills.
    He thought for some days, and came up with an idea.
    He would do a Lottery, and the winner's, 2 player's from each world, 1 Male and 1 Female, would get put in an Arena, with limited resources.
    The 2 player's from each world would be in Team's, and strive to survive and defeat the player's from the other World's.
    The winning Player/Team would win alot of Fame, Rupees and Valuable Items.
    Same would go for the winning player/team's home world.
    The world would have a huge party, and item's would be shoot put from special block's named Dispenser's, EMC called it a Dispenser Party.

    I hope that you choose to take your time and read it all!
    Me, AlexHallon, want's to do the same as in the Story.
    I want 20 of you guy's to be in my Event!
    More info can be found here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-hunger-games-event-preparation-by-alexhallon.6562/ and the list of applied people can be found here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-hunger-games-even-volunteers-list-by-alexhallon.6579/

    While the 20 people picked from the Lottery is fighting and surviving, you other people can sit on the Wall's of the Arena and watch!
    You will be told what happens in the fight, and you can, for a small amount of rupees, send an item to the Contestant you pick!
    Only a few items can be sent, and only 1 thing can be sent each hour from each player.

    Lottery will be on: Sunday 27/5 18:00 GMT SMP3, /v 6452

    Fight/Event Start will be on: Not sure yet, Lottery needs to be done first.

    GameLeader: AlexHallon
    GameHolders: Makrom1, IamSaj, Mastermind205
    Server Hoster: Joshposh70
    PeaceMaster: Wartrex13
    PeaceKeepers: SpaceShuttleFan
    Recorders:Thestar19, YOU12MAEC, Frodomann1, _Stads_

    1st place - 4000r + 64 Diamonds
    2nd place - 2500r + 128 gold ingots + 64 iron ingots
    3rd place - 1500r + 128 iron ingots

    These will get even higher if people donate here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/thg-event-donation-info-by-alexhallon.6688

    Mulch_75 - TONS of good items
    Joshposh70 - 7,500r
    Natfan - 2474r
    Makrom1 - 800r
    Liasen - 500r
    Wartrex13 - 150r
  2. Sounds really intresting, Glad I'm hosting for it :D
  3. Thanks to Joshposh70 I could upgrade the Prizes alot =)
  4. Is this the same one that I already applied for? Sorry, there's so many :D
  5. If you only applied for one, then yes ;)
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  6. Lot's of people applied, can't wait for this to start!
  7. Nice, 20 people applied!
    I'm happy :D
  8. Can I apply? I am a girl from smp3...
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  9. Wow... i should start playing more to get better.'ll check back later and apply.
  10. I applied. Make sure to read my application, I think you'll like it :3
  11. Yes, you can apply, glad to see a Female applying!
  12. And how exactly do I apply?? lol sorry for my stupidity. I promise I am way better in the arena, so all those guys better watch out!!! :). lol message or reply to this is you can thanks:)

  13. Go here and look in the OP for the email to send to Alex.
  14. Wow... I didnt know that josh is a fan! I hope u will be a good host lol :D
  15. He's one of the best hosts ever :D
  16. Also looking for a Supporter that could let me borrow a Residence that I can make the Lottery and Dispenser Party on...
    Any Supporter out there that hasn't claimed all of the Residences that they can have, anc could let me have on until the Event is over?
    Hope that there are one ;).
  17. Mee again :) I have a residence on 8 you could borrow.
  18. Do you have any stuff on there?
    First I need it for the Lottery, and then unclaim it and use it again for the Dispenser Party when the Event is over...
  19. Nothing at all.
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