How Do i downgrade back to 1.4.2 so I can play emc?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by TheSpyPie, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Help me please c:
  2. supposedly replace the file for 1.4.4 with the 1.4.2 file
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  3. Don't you mean 1.4.3?
  4. No i dont because EMC is running on 1.4.2 *facepalm*
  5. I thought it was ISMOOCH posting this because it looks like you stole his profile picture... There is already a few open threads on this to refer too.
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  6. He stole mine! jk I has this one on for a while than he put it back on because he had it long ago.
  7. And I posted this when the update first was released so there wasnt any :p
  8. I heard ISMOOCH had it from the beginning...
  9. True dat
  10. Yep ISMOOCH had it first

    dirty stealer :{P
  11. I checked my Minecraft and it turns out it says 1.4.2 *facepalm* now where did 1.4.3 go why are we jumping ahead to 1.4.4?
  12. Because the update it for 1.4.4 which also uncludes 1.4.3 so really there is no 1.4.3 because it went straight to 1.4.4 :p
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  14. Ahh okay thanks for the clarification :)
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  15. Thanks for this :D