How do I breed Faster Horses?

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  1. I have been trying to breed faster horse, I have been breeding 2 130 speed horses but I can never get higher then 130. How do I make them faster then 130?
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  2. Luck happens by massive repetition. Be prepared to breed them 500 times or so.
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  3. luck of the draw. when u breed 2 horses u will get an average of parent stats plus a random 3rd stat.

    so even using 130+ 2 breed doesnt guarantee success.
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  4. When I do breed them all im getting is 108 to 117 on average
  5. That is normal.
    I've used over a dc of gold carrots with none better than 129.
    You have to get at least a 130 random stat number
    Even if you do it will then be pulled down closer to 130 cause of the parent stat.
    For example, if you were lucky enough to get an OMG 139.99 random stat, you would still only have a baby with a stat of 133.33.
    Understand this too,..just because its called a random stat doesn't mean its completely random between a high and low number.
    The random stat always starts out as the base average stat for every horse and its run thur an algorithm to change it.
    The farther away the number gets from the average the more exponentially unlikely it is to get any further.
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  6. It is impossible to get higher than 130 if your highest horse is 130. For example: If you are breeding
    a 130.89 speed and a 130.08 speed, the highest possible speed you can get is 130.89. Its very hard to breed like that, so I would recommend buying a faster one and starting from there. 139 speed is the highest speed on EMC but theres only 4 in existence (Plus those are worth like 10 mil+ :p ). The only way i got my 137 was through breeding those 139s forever xP. (it takes a TON of time and patience for breeding to pay off). I would say to keep an eye out for 133-134 speeds out there just to start out
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  7. Ok I will Thank you
  8. If ya ever saw my shop im selling 132s outta stock on 33s doe
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  9. Thanks but I bought a 131.6 like a week ago and im good with that maybe when i get more rupees ill buy faster horse but im good for now thanks for the offer tho