How Do I Access A Server?

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  1. :cool:hi guys im new ad need help to get into a server please help Thanks xD
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  2. Well, you log into minecraft, after go to multiplayer. Put in a server and play. If you're trying to find an EMC server adress you can find that here
  3. If you have sign up on the site you must have tried to access the server already to get the code. If so just try to connect again.

    Also welcome to EMC! :D
  4. Thankyou but I m still confused to the max :confused: I go to the server list but how do I go 'Into' the server I tried the tutorials but I a confused :p and yes I am trying to get into the servers on EMC can you message me how to pleaseeee Thanks :D
  5. Just pick an answer for each of the questions. You will eventually get it correct. It was built that way. And in the end you will have 1,500 rupees and some supplies. If you want to 'cheat' in the tutorial :p I recommend using the Empire Guide. It will give you every answer.
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  6. Hw Do I do the tutorial im sorry lol I don't understand any of this I just started empire craft never plyed before
  7. Read the empire guide, get a general knowledge of it. Then read the sign in the center of the room. It will say something like 'How do you go to the wilderness' or 'Where are your items safe?' In the empire guide, all that will be addressed. You will then see several doorways (about 10?) there will be a sign above them corresponding to the correct answer. Walk through that, it will be a narrow passage. Then you will be at another question. Simply do that 5 times and you will have completed the tutorial like you're supposed to :)
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  8. Magic. That about it.