How did you let this happen?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by AlexC__, Apr 1, 2013.

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  1. So someone on emc has banned me? Thanks, great system you got here guys


    I thought emc was good but you let people hack into your banning system? Wth guys. I won't be coming back
  2. ikr jack is such a meanie.... he wipd my inv and i had 8 emc firworks nd 2 drgon eggs. omg dis server sucks im leaving
  3. We wont miss you hehehe :p
  4. Omgz Justinguyz., y u let stoopid jack hack system?
  5. Hmm all i am going to say is - Nuts *_*
  6. Seeing all the commands he knows which he shouldn't, I'm incredibly unsurprised.
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  7. And even after you gave him that 3,000,000 rupees...
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  8. All im going to say is, Happy April Fools
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  9. hehe, I got a better screenshot than you Alex!
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  10. its funny how my birthday is in 2 days, no one ever trips me up on the first xD
  11. Gray Tezt...

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  12. I have the same feeling.....
    I mean this is like.
    He has been here a very long time........
  13. /endaprilfoolsjokes I'll make a proper thread now. Thanks :)
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