How did you forget that ex

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  1. please only mature answers, i was in a 5 yr relationship a while back and she still ends up in my dreams and ruins my day. so i wanna know how some other people have dealt with this
  2. It depends, are you still around her a lot? Or has she been completely evicted from your life?
  3. she is out of my life, i do my best not to think about her during the day she just ends up in my subconscious all the time and then i wake up crying (not something i do normally)
  4. I've been in one relationship before.
    One that I don't even count as real. I asked her out, she said yes, we never saw eachother for 2 months, we went back to school, never talked at all and then I dumped her. She now denies that we ever went out with eachother and i'm fine with that, because we didn't :D

    My best friend... I see her everyday, I talk to her everyday, I do things for her everyday, and i'm somebody that she can rely on. She's somebody that I can rely on too. When she told me to never talk to her again I literally collapsed onto the floor in tears. I told myself to suck it up. So I did. I said my sorry and a few hours later, out of the blue:
    "I love you".
    Yeah. She sent me that in a text... Then she forgave me. I really don't know what I would do without her. She's such a big part of my life now I don't know what I would do without her.

    I say you should go find somebody else, put her at the back of your mind and have fun with a new person ;) (Not in that way...if you know what I mean)
  5. I killed her off.
  6. i have found many new someones since then, in every way imaginable
  7. Also, if you need to talk to somebody and have Facebook, go here:

    My best friend and her friends run that page and they're awesomesauce at advice. Trust me. Both have I helped me out so many times it's unbelievable.
  8. im not rlly a "needs hugs" kind of fella, but thank you. im more lookign for like techniques i havent tried and stuff lol
  9. They can give you that too :p
  10. I think you were in such a long relationship and you loved her so much that your mind has put that before everything else. When relationships go on for a period of this much time, it is just something that will stay on your mind. You could seek a counselor to help you get rid of this feeling you have for this girl.
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  11. If she really was "the woman in your life" for you, I don't think that you can forget her so fast only when time goes by she will slowly get out of your mind/or she won't

    I'm only 19years old, and I havent really found "real" love yet, so if this relationship was real for you and as I said before if she really was "the woman in your life" you should talk to her and apologize for what you have done (if you have done something to her ofcourse) she might understand that you really love her and maybe get back together with you..

    Some girls get's their heart melted when a guy tells them how much they really mean for them in their life and such (that's what some of my Amigas has told me)

    When I was 12-13 I had my first crush and I still have some feelings for her, I can't really get over her and every now and then she pops up on my mind. I have even talked to her and told her that I still have some feelings for her and after that day I told her that I "kinda" got over her, she didnt pop up in my head as she used to and as I said she still pops on my mind every now and then.

    With this experience I have I can only say that talking to her might help you out a little bit, or maybe not at all.

    I'm not a expert in love, and I havent really gotten "deep in love" before (only my first crush was "love") so if these words will help I have no idea oh and sorry for bad english, I hope you understood me
  12. By the way, NEVER listen to depressing music. No matter how much you want to, it's bad, very bad.
  13. Time heals/changes all wounds. I assume that goes for this particular brand of psychological wound as well.
  14. yeah do this, but try not to listen to music at all for a while, because when you do. music with lyrics about past love always comes up
  15. music is good for you it cures the soul, they always say music is the best medicine.
  16. Me! Mememememe! This is soooo me!

    I totally feel you!

    This happened twice...
  17. Music is the best medicine, unless it's a depression. Just trust me, music won't help, unless you can find a lot of joyful music.
  18. Laughter.
    Laughter is the best medicine. Music is more of an amplifier, it enhances a given mood. Feel happy + happy music = euphoric. Emotionally depressed + depressing music... well you get the idea.

    If you have other friends, go out with them more often. Do things you enjoy, connect with other people. Don't allow yourself to become isolated - that will only make the situation much worse. When you're alone, read a book, or look for games that have a strong narrative that can keep your attention. The goal is to help your mind focus on other things.
    Eventually, time will run its course, and you'll be able to reflect on this whole ordeal with a clearer head - it may take weeks, months, or years. When you can think of her without feeling like you're about to break down, then perhaps start thinking about dating someone else. Before that, you're simply rebounding and liable to end up in an even worse situation than before - moreover, it's not fair to your partner or to yourself.

    I can't promise the dreams will go away - it's been nearly five years for me and I still get them sometimes - but with time and good friends, it'll stop hurting at least.
  19. oh well you see i get my quotes and stuff mixed up, so thats a given for me lol