How come minechat doesn't work

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Do you use minechat?

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  1. When not playing minecraft, when I wanna chat on EMC using minechat lite, as soon as I connect less than a millisecond later it says disconnected cuz of something with red font or something like that. Does anybody know why?
  2. it isnt updated to latest version? or your phone has poop wifi :p
  3. I use an ipad. Does minechat have to be updated to newest version or my ipad updated to the newest version?
  4. Also I can chat perfectly well on other servers
  5. hmmmm well usually minechat has to be updated but if it works elsewhere its probly a different issue
  6. A couple of my friends have been having trouble with Minechat on IOS lately, they can log in but can only see server messages. I use MC Chat Lite on Android and haven't had any trouble. From what I understand it's just on EMC.
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  7. I use it for Android and when i am at school, i am not able to use it, because of the school internet, but when I use my data I am fine, i do find, that if you are on some leaves, when you are connected, you get kicked for flying, so when connected type /home and you should be fine. With the update part, I try to update my stuff as much as I can, but when my phone has a older version, it still does not affect the app, try and update you app, and you ipad and then try and connect. also use the normal version of the app, and not "Lite" because sometimes the lite versions disable certain stuff, and can affect the way the app runs on certain servers.

    Maybe use something like this:
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    The one I use is:
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    If you have any further problems just feel free to ask in this post, and I will try to help as much as I can.