how can grass grow in a cave system?

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  1. I found this about 30 blocks under the surface (about level 40) an unexplored cave system (the torches are mine and there was grass growing here? It is not open to the sky anywhere nearby...

    How does this happen? you can see the grass block in about the middle and a block of taller grass on the right side. Just curious if this happens often.
  2. That's how the chuck loaded.
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  3. Its minecraft. Anything is possable
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  4. Look just up and to the left of my pick.


    I have a screenshot of some Cane that was at Bedrock too somewhere. Out of bazillions of combinations of blocks anything could happen.
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  5. I have seen a tree on the bottom of a ravene
  6. Okay we need to take pics of the cool things we see underground. an underground photo gallery...

    Well except when i am running from mobs....

    Nice rose, err poppy, err red flower or whatever we call them now Pab
  7. I went caving about an hour ago and found one yellow flower and 2 tall grass
  8. what no picture Marine?...:)
  9. hey, i found grass growing on sand, snow on sand and trees grew from life is complete now xd
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  10. I saw snow on sand, but cool on the other two...but hit f2 and let me see! :cool:
  11. next time xd
  12. thinking about random stuff... whats the chance of spawning above a desert lava pool? xd
  13. Enderman yo. It can spawn like that but normally it would spawn flush to the ground. Odd are an enderman moved It there
  14. On a survival map i made i spawned moved one block forward and fell into a deep crevasse and died.